I tried to impress Marsha early in our marriage with my grocery shopping abilities. I went to the store planning to have everything purchased and put away before she arrived home from work. I went through the store filling my shopping cart with all the things I thought we might need. I reached the checkout line and realized I had forgotten something – my wallet. Not wanting to go through the entire store putting everything back, I parked my cart over to the side, rushed home and grabbed my wallet. When I got back, my cart was still there waiting for me to check out. At first, I was amazed no one stole it. Then I realized – who is going to steal a grocery cart full of groceries that haven’t been purchased? They would literally have to steal it twice – once from me and then from the store. Fortunately, all the truly hardened criminals stayed home that day, and I made it home with everything except some slightly soggy ice cream.

It’s a good idea to check and be sure you have what you need. When it comes to doing God’s will, you have exactly what you need to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Jesus prayed that you would understand that truth in John 17:15-19.

Join us this Sunday as we discover we all have exactly what we need in Jesus.

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