Occasionally I will see a sign that says “Wrong Way.” I know the signs are there to tell me not to go that way. Either it is a road where traffic is going in the opposite direction, a building where it would be dangerous for unauthorized people to enter, or a location that I don’t need to be. However, when I see those signs, the first thing I ask is, “Why?”

I think it is part of our human nature, to be told not to do something and immediately try to think of a way to do it. However, those signs are there for a reason. Someone cared enough about you that they didn’t want you to be in a traffic accident, enter a room where you might get hurt, or wind up in a spot where you would immediately wish that you were not. Instead of asking “why,” we should be saying “thanks.”

In Galatians 4:8-9, Paul provides believers with a “Wrong Way” sign. Formerly slaves to sin, the believer has been set free. Turning back into sin is always the wrong way. Join us Sunday as we discover some biblical tools to make sure we see the sign.

See you Sunday!

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