Whenever we travel, we try to pack for possible emergencies. Those items are usually determined by emergencies our family has faced on previous trips. When our children were young, we packed more diapers because, on one trip, we ran out. We pack a pair of nail clippers after facing the agony of a random hangnail. We now always pack allergy medicine, no matter the season, because on one trip I sneezed more than I exhaled.

Unfortunately, you can’t pack for every emergency. I don’t have that much luggage. We have discovered, though, wherever we go, whatever we forgot to pack, there’s always a Walmart.

As Jesus’ earthly ministry comes to a close, he recognized his disciples had no idea of the challenges they were about to face. He knew, however, that whatever they needed, they would always have the Holy Spirit. Join us this Sunday as we learn that, as believers, we always have what we need (John 16:33).

See you Sunday!

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