I have learned that the safest question to ask when coming home is not “what’s for dinner” but “where would you like to go for dinner.” I like a home cooked meal as much as anyone, but when both of us have been at work all day, sometimes it’s just easier to let someone else do the cooking.

That wasn’t an option for the disciples. It wasn’t an option for the enormous crowd of people gathered to hear Jesus’ teaching. In Mark 6, there were no golden arches available, no bucket of wings or burritos to go, just 5000+ hungry people.

The miracle we often call the Feeding of the Five Thousand actually has little to do with food. That Jesus fed all these people with little more than a sack lunch is amazing, but the meaning behind the miracle in Mark 6:35-38 is even more amazing. Join us Sunday to find out what Jesus can do with what you are willing to let go.

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