From time to time, I have to rent a car. That’s always a mixture of excitement and dread: excitement because it’s fun to drive a new car; dread because they keep changing how cars operate. I remember the first time we rented a car with a no-key ignition. In fact, they didn’t give us any keys at all, just a little pocket plastic thing called a “fob.” Inside the car was a button labeled start and stop. So I pressed it. Nothing. No start and no stop. We tried everything, including trying to find a place to insert the fob. Nothing worked. I began to think we were going to spend our entire vacation trapped in the rental car parking lot.

Then we found the car manual. On the page labeled “Starting Your Car,” we found the helpful instruction that you had to press in the brake while pressing the Start/Stop button. Crisis averted; vacation saved, all thanks to a handy car instruction manual.

After the disaster at Ai, Joshua realized the occupation of the Promised Land might end before it ever began, so he and the entire nation of Israel pulled out the manual. Joshua 8:34-35 records how Joshua read the entire book of God’s law they had received through Moses so that every man, woman, and child would know God’s command. Join us this week as we are reminded of the importance of reading the instructions.

See you Sunday!

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