I ordered a spy pen radio that I saw on the back of a comic book. I saved my allowance until I had the $5.00 plus shipping and handling. The advertisement promised a radio that looked just like a pocket pen, but that would receive radio broadcasts. Six weeks later, I received a padded envelope containing my precious cargo.

It wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to be. It did look somewhat similar to a pen if the pens you use a giant blue plastic cylinder the size of a screwdriver. It didn’t matter, though, that I couldn’t get it in my pocket. To tune the radio, you had to pull the bottom downward, which meant my pocket would have needed to be two feet long for the thing to work. To receive radio stations, you also had to ground the thing. As best I could make out from the instructions, this meant connecting a wire to either a six-foot rod pounded into the ground or a metal faucet on a sink. I could use my portable spy radio as long as within three feet of the kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes things don’t quite live up to the promise. Genesis 3:4-5 teaches us that, among other things, temptation never lives up to the promise. Join us this week as we discover strategies to expose the lie.

See you Sunday!

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