When someone gets a small piece of wood or metal stuck in their finger or foot, they may describe it as a splinter, a sliver, a shard, a shaving or a chip. I’m partial to “splinter” myself. Actually, I would be fine without any of them stuck in my foot. When I do, the world stops. I grab a needle, some tweezers, and some rubbing alcohol to perform the necessary surgical procedure to pull out that 1/16 of an inch of foreign object. Until I do, I’m not going anywhere.

It’s amazing how such a small object can bring your world to a standstill. Joshua and the people of Israel learned the hard way how small things can have big consequences. This week, in the story of the city of Ai (Joshua 7:1-9), we all learn the valuable lesson of the devastation sin brings into our lives.

See you Sunday!

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