No one knows for sure where the curious phrase “spitting image” originated. We know what it means, typically used to describe how a child looks very much like a parent or relative. The good folks at Merriam Webster have made a few educated guesses at the derivation of the idiom:

  • Possibly a reference to how a child looks so similar to a parent they could have been said to have been “spit out of their mouth.”
  • In the early 19th century, the term “spitten” was sometimes used to describe a perfect likeness.
  • The phrase “spit and image” sometimes appears in 19th century literature to describe similarities.

Somehow, the phrase eventually became the “spitting image” we hear used today. Genesis 1:27 records the extraordinary statement that God created us in His image. Join us this Sunday as we discover the deep and powerful meaning behind this important reality.

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