I recently traveled to Mexico, with the great privilege of sharing with pastors from the Guadalajara area in a weekend retreat. I quickly learned my name (Vaughn) is difficult to pronounce for Spanish speaking people. There is no equivalent sound for the letter “v” which is pronounced like a “b” in Spanish. The “aughn” doesn’t have a good equivalent either, so I told them they could just call me “hey you.” That doesn’t make much sense in Spanish either, so they called me “Bro. U.”

At the end of the retreat, one of the pastors prayed for our group as we prepared to return to the United States. He concluded his prayer by asking God to bless the ministry of “Bro. U.” You can call me anything you want – I’ll take all the prayers I can get!

Most of us are glad to know that someone is praying for us. This week, we look at an extraordinary passage of scripture where Jesus prays for you (John 17:20-26). Join us to find out what Jesus asked the Father to do in your life.

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