Mesa Verde National Park is a fascinating place to visit. The park preserves an archaeological site inhabited for more than 700 years until 1300 A.D. Then, suddenly, the people who lived there moved away, leaving the spectacular cliff dwellings that remain today. That’s a photo of me, my mom and my sister when we visited the site when I was ten (I’m the one with the binoculars – and no, I have no idea why I am wearing binoculars). The tour guide described the dwelling and explained that we don’t know why the people moved away. I offered the most logical explanation my ten-year-old mind could devise – they moved because their houses were falling down.

In 700 years, a house will do that. Everything breaks down eventually. This Sunday, we will discover how sin breaks everything – our relationship with each other and our relationship with God. Join us to discover the problem and the answer.

See you Sunday!

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