I remember the day my dad took me to get my first suit. Actually, it was my second; when I was five, my mom made me wear one of those suit and short pant outfits to church – once. I looked like Eddie Munster. Not wanting his teenage son to look like a sixties sitcom child, my dad took me to get a real suit when I turned thirteen. After looking at several possibilities, the salesman offered the advice, “A nice blue blazer never goes out of style.”

Good advice. I’ve changed suits styles through the years: wide lapels, thin lapels, pleats, no pleats. Thankfully, I have fewer and fewer times I have to wear a suit, but in those instances where it is required, a blue blazer is always the right choice.

This week, we study a passage where Joshua reminds the people of Israel of something we all need to realize – no matter what else changes, following God is always the right choice (Joshua 5:10-12).

See you Sunday!

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