I can speak multiple languages. For example, I know how to say:

  • Donde esta el bano? (Where is the bathroom in Spanish)
  • Nein! (No in German)
  • No! (No in Italian)

Yes, I realize there are supposed to be some accents and a tilde over the “n” of “bano” (I said I could speak multiple languages. I didn’t say I could type in multiple languages.) If I ever need to say “No” in Germany or Italy, or find a restroom in Mexico, I’m set.

I also know one phrase in Aramaic: “Talitha koum” which means “little girl” or “little lamb.” Jesus used the phrase in Mark 5:41 when he raised a young girl from the dead. The meaning of the phrase and the meaning of the miracle have profound significance for us today. Join us this Sunday to find out what “talitha koum” means for you.

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