The middle school and high school years provide an extraordinary opportunity for growth and service. At NHBC, we seek to reach youth with the life-transforming message of Christ and help them find their place in service to the Savior.

Brian Miller, Minister of Youth

Student Bible Study

Each Sunday, students at National Heights gather for Bible Study. Classes designed for Middle School, High School, and College students provide exciting study of scripture applied to student needs. Weekly Bible Studies also meet on Monday nights in the Fall and Spring.

Devotions with Brian Miller:

Volume – Weekly Youth Gathering

Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. provides an opportunity for students to gather for worship and fellowship in a weekly student-led Youth Group. Services feature a praise band, games, and student devotionals.

Summer Camps and Mission Trips

Students at National Heights have opportunities to attend a variety of summer camps and mission trips each year. Summer camp provides an environment for spiritual growth, fellowship, and service.

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