What’s Your One?

This year, we have challenged every member of National Heights to prayerfully seek to make at least one more step in their journey with Christ. Join us in the challenge! Maybe there is a ministry you have been praying about joining to serve; maybe there is someone God has laid on your heart to share the gospel; maybe there is a new step of discipleship you have been meaning to take, but haven’t found the right time. The right time is now!

Maybe your “One” is to begin your journey with Christ. We would love to share with you how you can know Jesus as your Savior and Lord! A great place to start is on our Next Steps page: Follow Jesus.

Each week, we will add new possibilities for your “One.” Several of these were suggested through an article by Diana Davis shared on Lifeway.com – thanks to Lifeway for providing great resources for evangelism and discipleship! We hope you will join us in answering the question, “What’s Your One?”

Possibilities for Your “One”

  1. Use the invitation cards provided in the auditorium foyer to invite friends and neighbors to join you in worshiping at National Heights. Leave a stack on your desk at work, on your dining room table, or anywhere friends and family might gather.
  2. Be a HOST. Find out how you can lead one of our small group Bible studies at our Life Group Resources page.
  3. Make God’s word a priority in your life:
    1. Make prayer a priority in your life.
    2. Start a strategic plan to memorize scripture (try the Bible Memory App).
    3. Make church a priority (you need the church and the church needs you).
  4. The next time you visit a fast food restaurant, give your server a generous tip and invite them to your church.
  5. Try a new method of Bible study. Some suggestions (from Rick Warren’s Twelve Dynamic Bible Study Methods):
    1. Devotional Method: Read a passage of scripture and reflect upon it until you discover a way to personally apply it to your life.
    2. Biographical Method: Study the life of an individual in the Bible, searching for why their life was a spiritual success or failure.
    3. Topical Method: Research a single topic (like prayer or joy) in one book of the Bible, or in the Old Testament or in the New Testament, or through the entire Bible.
    4. Verse by Verse: Study a passage focusing on the meaning and application of each verse.
  6. “Hide” God’s word in your life. Keep scripture cards everywhere you go:
    1. – behind the sun visor in your car
    2. – on your bathroom mirror
    3. – in your wallet or purse
    4. – on your key ring
    5. – on your computer monitor
    6. – taped to your TV remote control
    7. – be creative!
  7. Make two lists:
    A list of reasons to praise God this week.
    A list of people who need to hear you praise God out loud.
    Choose one person each week to pray: “God, open the door for me to praise you out loud to this person this week.” Put people on your list you often encounter: grocery clerk, boss, teacher, friend, yard guy, nail tech, food server, neighbor, etc.
  8. Take a walk through your neighborhood asking God to open your eyes to the possibilities. That cranky neighbor might be an opportunity to spread the joy of Christ. That unkempt yard might be an opportunity to serve a family in the name of Christ. Those kids riding bikes through your garden might be an opportunity to invite a child to VBS. Ask God to open your eyes!
  9. Make a post to Facebook or Instagram telling something that God has done in your life today. Maybe describe a story about how God has impacted your life through the ministries of NHBC and conclude with an invitation like “Join us this Sunday at 11:00!” You never know who might be reading.
  10. It’s prime season for kid’s sports leagues. At the next baseball, softball, or soccer game, make a point to get to know some of the other parents and grandparents. Invite them to NHBC.
  11. Spring means it’s time for garage sales. Our youth have their’s this weekend (April 12-13). We’ll be handing out invitations to our church ministries. If you have a garage sale at your home, why not do the same? Hand out invitations to NHBC and tracts explaining the gospel to those who stop by.
  12. Invite someone to join you at a special worship service (like Easter or Christmas) when people are very likely to respond positively to a personal invitation. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. Use our NHBC invitation cards as a simple way to invite a friend.
  13. Spread some joy! You are surrounded by people in grief; some you know about, some you don’t. Whether you offer ministry or simply speak a kind word, let them see the joy you have in Jesus.
  14. Keep an “overcomer” notebook. Start a list of ways you have experienced the truth of John 16:33. Write down ways God has overcome “impossible” situations in your life; friends who came to Christ, illnesses that were healed, resources provided at “just the right time.” At least once a month, read over your list and remind yourself of Jesus’ promise, “I have overcome the world.”
  15. How about a fun way to invite your neighbors to church? Use the sidewalk in front of your house to draw a fun chalk invitation to next Sunday’s worship service.
  16. Create a prayer list with purpose. Nothing glorifies God more than a person coming to faith in Christ. Create a list of your friends and family that need Jesus in their life and pray with a purpose!
  17. Make a choice – you don’t always get to choose your circumstances, but you do get to choose how you react to your circumstances. Choose to live out what Jesus prayed (John 17:20-26): 1) Focus on the glory of Christ and 2) Strive for unity with fellow believers.
  18. One great way to remind yourself that God is at work is to tell someone else about it. At least once a week, identify some way that God is working in your life and share it with someone. You will both be blessed!
  19. Want a fun way to invite your friends to church? Use your automatic email signature line to add an invitation like “Check out what’s happening at NHBC – www.nationalheights.org.”
  20. Start a new Bible study or small group for a specific group of people – newlyweds, new retirees, community newcomers, singles and more.
  21. Everyone likes to hear their name. Get to know the names of all the teachers in your child or grandchild’s school. Make them a personalized basket of gifts – maybe a chocolate bar for each teacher with a special tag noting each teacher’s name and your appreciation for their work. Include information about NHBC ministries in the basket.
  22. Before you make a decision this week, ask yourself – If someone following me did what I am deciding to do, would they glorify God? If you are leading the wrong way, change directions!
  23. Make a daily appointment with God. Whether in the morning when you get up, in the middle of the day when you stop for a break, or in the evening when you go to bed, schedule time for prayer and Bible study.
  24. Spread the peace of Christ wherever you go. For example, invite some of your Christian friends to join a local bowling league. Invite the opposing team for ice cream after the game and invite them to NHBC.
  25. For special NHBC events, create an “Evite” or a “Facebook event” to invite your online friends.
  26. Forward emails and Facebook messages from NHBC to your friends, inviting them to join you.
  27. Tailgate at a local sporting event. Serve hot dogs, talk to fellow fans, and invite them to NHBC.
  28. Spend time in your front yard. While you water the yard, sit on the porch, or work in the garden, visit with the neighbors who walk by, get to know them, and invite them to NHBC.
  29. If the Bible is God’s word, His letter to you, it is vital to read it. Find a systematic plan that works for you, and use it daily to read Gods’ word (you can find several plans on the YouVersion Bible app).
  30. Do you know Jesus? Not do you know about Jesus, but do you know Him as Savior and Lord? There is no better day than today! Find out more here: Follow Jesus
  31. With the beginning of the school year, find ways that you can reach out to your local school. Get to know your child or grandchild’s teacher and ask for ways you can help. Ask your local school for ways you can volunteer. Watch for opportunities to share the love of Christ. Most importantly, pray for the children, teachers, and faculty at your local school.
  32. Everyone you meet this week needs Jesus. What are you going to do about it? Check out one possibility HERE
  33. Develop a “welcome bag” of goodies to take to neighbors who move into your neighborhood. Get to know them and invite them to NHBC.
  34. A gospel conversation can start with the simple question, “Is there anything I can pray about for you this week?” Try it on a neighbor or a friend and see where God leads.
  35. For the next eight weeks, we are going to provide ways you can start a gospel conversation. This week: sports. Almost half (46%) of unchurched people say they would attend a sports or exercise program at a church. We have sports ministries here at NHBC for this very reason. How about your family and friends? Invite them (or start a new sports ministry to reach them!).
  36. You are not the only one who needs a sabbath – everyone does! Thirty-five percent of the unchurched say they would attend a worship service if they were invited by someone they know. Who could you invite to One Sunday, October 27?
  37. Plan a neighborhood gathering to get to know your neighbors – a cookout, a dinner, an ice cream or watermelon party. While you hang out in the yard, invite them to NHBC.
  38. Have a conversation:  Seven in ten people believe every person has an ultimate purpose and 57% believe that finding their purpose is a major priority in life. We know that they are right; God does have an ultimate purpose for their life. Your conversations about the purpose you know in Christ can have a profound impact.
  39. One of the most effective ways to invite someone to church is to simply ask them. Of unchurched people, 51% say they would respond to an invitation. Invite someone next Sunday!
  40. Take the challenge! This week, take fifteen minutes to read God’s word (the Gospel of John is a great place to start). After you read, write down two sentences: one sentence describing what you think the passage means and one sentence describing how that passage impacts your life.
  41. Walk your dog. Jog. Take a stroll. You’ll meet lots of people you can invite to NHBC.
  42. Every time you come to NHBC, click “check-in” on your Facebook account and be sure to like the NHBC Facebook page. Your friends notice!
  43. Have a “Bring a Friend Day” in your Bible study or Small Group. Make it a contest and have a fun prize for the person who invites the most friends.
  44. Ask God to show you what sin really looks like. Ask him to take off the blinders this world puts on us and take a close look at sin for what it really is – a broken promise. And remember: I John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.
  45. We all share this in common – sin breaks everything. We’re in this together! Everyone you know needs Jesus. Find things you share in common (hobbies, interests, community groups, etc.) and watch for opportunities to share the answer you know in Jesus.
  46. One of the problems with blame is that it doesn’t deal with the real problem. When we are blaming others for our sin, we lose sight of the fact that what they need is the same thing as what we need – forgiveness. This week, think of one way you could point someone to the forgiveness you know in Christ.
  47. What do you fear? What monster is rearing its ugly head in your life? Claim the victory God has already won.
  48. Pray this month for missionaries around the world, and for your part in God’s plan to reach the world.
  49. The hymns of our faith contain great insight and hope. Take a closer look at a Christmas carol this week, and discover fresh meaning in the celebration of Christmas.
  50. Find a way to use the elements of the Christmas season to point someone to Christ.
    1. Christmas lights – Jesus is the Light of the World
    2. Christmas tree – Jesus is the way to everlasting life
    3. Christmas gifts – Jesus is the greatest gift of all
    4. Candy Cane – Jesus is the Great Shepherd
  51. This Christmas share with someone the greatest gift of all – Jesus – and the greatest news of all – He’s coming back!
  52. Throughout the year, we have challenged you to find your one: your one way to take a step forward in your walk with Jesus; your one person in your life who needs to know the Savior. As we prepare to start the new year, ask yourself again, “What’s Your One?”