We had a poster in my middle school of a man with a funnel in his head. Lemons were falling out of the sky into the funnel and lemonade was pouring out of his nose into a glass. The caption read, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

The poster was troubling on many levels. Who was throwing lemons at this guy? Who stuck a funnel in his head? And why was this poster in our lunchroom?

The poster was right by another poster with the caption “Knowledge is power.” The only inference my seventh-grade mind could draw was “Don’t drink the lunchroom lemonade – it apparently came from some guy’s nose.”

Genesis 3:1-2 illustrates the importance of knowing God’s word. Adam and Eve could have avoided disaster if they had only thought about what God said (Genesis 3:1-2). This week, we will discover how knowing God’s word is essential for us, too.

See you Sunday!

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