I remember the first time I took apart a watch. My dad gave me an old watch that no longer worked, and I decided to fix it. After using a hammer to get the back off of the watch, fixing it was no longer an option, so I set about learning how watches work. It was amazing how many gears, springs, and sprockets are required to make the big hand and the little hand point in the right direction. I had never seen any of that. In fact, I never saw the big hand or the little hand moving, even when the watch worked. I could hear ticking but saw no actual process. The hands seemed to be perfectly still. But at 2:00, the big hand was on the 12 and the little hand was on the 2, at least until I knocked them both off with the hammer.

Often in life, things are happening that we don’t see, and not just inside watches. God is at work. Join us this Sunday to discover in Isaiah 7:14 the wonderful truth that God is at work.

See you Sunday!

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