If you are moving your sofa, your local mathematician can’t help you. According to the folks at Popular Mechanics, the “moving sofa problem” is one of several mathematical problems that, at least so far, has never been solved. For reasons that go beyond my ability to explain, mathematicians have failed to come up with a formula to calculate the size of a sofa that will fit around a 90-degree turn in a hallway. Obviously, some sofas will fit and others won’t, but to determine whether or not your sofa will fit, you’re just going to have to grab some friends and try. There is not yet a mathematical equation to help you know. (https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/g2816/5-simple-math-problems/)

For most of us, moving our sofa is the least of life’s problems. This week, we will look at how the psalmist found the solution to the greatest problem of life (Psalm 119:4-6).

See you Sunday!

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