In a box somewhere buried in one of our closets is a rolled-up panoramic photo of my high school senior class. We all stood on a series of risers, all 600 students, and a special camera took our photo. The camera was mounted on a tripod that turned so that the entire class could be in the picture. The photographer told us to stand perfectly still while the camera was turning. In my sister’s class photo, one guy got the bright idea to stand on one end until the camera turned past him, then run behind the risers to the other side, so he is in the class photo twice. I’m pretty sure he only got one diploma.

Looking at that photo brings back great memories of my friends in high school. I’ve had something of the same feeling preaching to an empty auditorium these last few weeks. Producing these virtual worship services has reminded me of how much we need each other as believers. This week, we look at a reminder of just that, where Paul calls the church to be united (1 Corinthians 1:10). Join us this week to be reminded of what God can do through us together, even when we are physically apart.

Remember – you can watch our online service at NHBC Video.

See you Sunday!

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