Marsha and I have learned the art of using FaceTime. For those of you who don’t have grandchildren, FaceTime is Apple’s app that allows users to video chat over the internet. That way, we get to see our granddaughter with avocados all over her face, rather than just imagine it. And she has learned to blow kisses. Nothing like an avocado kiss from an 18-month-old to get your day going.

However, to FaceTime, you have to position your phone or tablet so the person you are calling can see you. Previously, this meant holding our phone at arm’s length so that both Marsha and I could get in the shot – we wouldn’t want our granddaughter to forget what Grammie and Granddad look like. After a few minutes of this, though, whoever is holding the phone starts to get tired, so we bought a phone/tablet stand. Now no matter how long it takes her to eat her avocados, Grammie and Grandad can watch. And blow kisses.

Moses wasn’t on FaceTime, but his arms were growing tired. In fact, the fate of the nation of Israel depended on him. He needed a helping hand (Exodus 17:12-16). This week, we will see the importance of being that helping hand for those around us.

See you Sunday!

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