In order for National Heights to continue its mission to reach individuals and families with the gospel and share the love of Christ with our community, we need to provide the physical resources necessary to expand God’s kingdom in North Springfield and the surrounding area. We must be faithful to use His resources to do whatever is necessary to proclaim the name of Christ and encourage believers in their faith. NHBC has launched a Capital Stewardship Campaign entitled Envision: Reaching Future Generations for the Glory of Christ to aid us in preparing for what only God can do. Through the remodeling of our facility, we can better provide ministry to impact our community by sharing the transforming message of Christ.

  1. Why does NHBC need to renovate its facilities?

Through a period of careful prayer and study, the Facility Study Team identified three areas of need in our facility:

Security for our children

More worship and class space for our youth

A main welcome entrance facing National.

It was determined that the most effective way to provide for these needs is renovate the current facility.

  1. How much will the project cost?

The preliminary estimate is $1,023,000 plus additional monies to repair the existing parking area and provide furnishings for the renovated structure. The total cost is estimated at $1.2 million.

  1. How will we pay for the project?

Our prayer is that the Envision Campaign will help raise substantial resources towards this important project. The Facility Study Team does not recommend that NHBC take on significant debt. If needed, the project could be built in phases as resources allow.

  1. Can volunteers do part of the work?

Yes, although we will need to carefully follow all applicable laws and codes, many of which require licensed contractors. However, there will be many opportunities for volunteers to help, which will significantly reduce costs.

  1. How long will the project take?

The length of time for construction and renovation will depend upon how quickly finances become available.

  1. How did the project originate?

The NHBC Long Range Planning Committee recognized the need for a comprehensive study of future needs. The committee recommended that the church form two teams to study how we can meet these needs: the Ministry Study Team and the Facility Study Team.

The Facility Study Team determined the three areas of most need in the NHBC facility – increased security for our ministry to children, increased worship and classroom space for our youth ministry, and an entrance facing National Avenue to welcome our community. The proposed project is in response to these needs.

  1. How can I participate?

First, pray. Ask God to lead our church in this important project.

Second, speak. Team recommendations come from the input of people across our congregation. The Facility Study Team values all wisdom and constructive responses to their recommendations.

Finally, give. Our church is launching a Capital Stewardship Campaign entitled Envision: Reaching Future Generations for the Glory of Christ. A capital stewardship campaign is a church project that seeks pledged donations from members of the congregation to be used in paying for a major construction project such as we are about to undertake.

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