Robb Chandler, member at NHBC and a member of the GCBA Guadalajara mission team for twenty years shares this story:

Most of you know that I have been going to Guadalajara, Mexico each summer on a two week mission trip since 1997 (the year the Greene County Baptist Association launched our mission work there).  During those 20 years I have seen many acts of sacrifice by our brothers and sisters in Christ (who make up only approximately 1% of Guadalajara’s approximately 8 million people).  I would like to share an example of the devotion of the local Christians and their service of the Lord there, one that was especially notable to me, and one that should be notable to all of us at this time in the life of NHBC.  The mission church in El Zapote, which was then meeting in a small rental house, was raising money to build a medical clinic.  (It would be used as their church on Sundays).  Money was very hard to come by, as you might imagine, for this group of about 50 believers in a small impoverished community on the outskirts of Guadalajara.  However, they knew that God wanted them to make an impact in their community, to minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of the many lost souls there, and they knew if they gave sacrificially that God would bless their work there.  One Sunday morning the Pastor made a special appeal to the people, at a very critical time during the ongoing construction.  When the faithful returned for the evening service, after having gone home for the afternoon, they brought with them things from their homes, which they gave to the church be sold to help raise the funds needed.  They brought televisions, clothing, etc – ladies were even taking off their earrings and putting them in the offering plate as it was being passed.  Needless to say, the church succeeded in their quest and was able to finish building the clinic/church, which still serves that community.  Lets think about this exampleof sacrificial giving as we look to the future of the work of NHBC in our community.  God bless you!