If only the world could be as clean as the infomercial claims it could be. Clothing would never be stained. You would never have to replace the linoleum in the kitchen because it would always look like the photo in the magazine. You would never have to buy an area rug to cover the spot where you spilled paint in your living room.

Despite the promises and guarantees, we know we will be buying another shirt, replacing the kitchen floor and covering up the spot in the living room. ABC Miracle Spot Remover usually doesn’t work like it did on TV.

That’s what made the miracles of Christ so amazing. They weren’t like anything anyone had ever seen. In the final miracle recorded in Mark 7, the people were overwhelmed by the power of Christ. Join us this week as we discover how, whatever you are facing, Jesus’ power can heal even this (Mark 7:31-37).

See you Sunday!

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