Amazon, the internet retail giant, has a wonderful tool, the “buy it again” button. If you have made a purchase in the past and want to buy it again, click on the button, and two days later it appears on your doorstep.

I appreciate the value of this service after driving all over town trying to find a pair of shoes. I have a hard time finding shoes that fit, so when I do, I buy the same pair over and over again. It doesn’t make a great fashion statement, but at least my feet don’t hurt when I walk. Purchasing the same pair, however, means I have to remember where I bought them. Reviewing a parade of shoe stores is not my favorite way to spend a Saturday.

So I hit “buy it again.”

Moses knew how important it was for the nation of Israel, and for us, to remember where the blessings in our life originate. Forgetting that God is the source of all good things can lead us to search for joy, happiness and contentment in all the wrong places. This week, we will find out how to apply this important reminder in Deuteronomy 8:17-18.

See you Sunday!

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