Jesus Christ is a Gamechanger in our life. This six session study reveals biblical ways Jesus changes the game for us and for the world around us.


For each session, there is a video and lesson guide. You may play the video directly from this page, or if you prefer to download the video to your device (for example, if you need to play the video when you do not have internet access), click on the VIMEO logo at the bottom left of the video player for each session on this page. This will take you to the Vimeo site. When there, click on the DOWNLOAD button and choose the video size you prefer. NOTE: You must have at least a Basic Account with Vimeo in order to download videos from their site. Signing up for an account is free at To download a video directly to your device (tablet or phone) you will need to install the Vimeo App.

To print or download the lesson guide, simply click on the link and follow the directions for using the PDF (the instructions will vary depending upon the browser you are using).

Session 1 – Temptation


Session 1 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message:  Game Changer from Romans 6:21-22



Session 2 – Salvation


Session 2 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message Turnaround from Romans 6:23


Session 3 – Self Image


Session 3 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message Self Image from Romans 7:24-25


Session 4 – Not


Session 4 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message Not – Romans 8:38-39


Session 5 – How We Think


Session 5 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message The Next Step – Romans 10:9-10


Session 6 – Your World


Session 6 – Lesson Guide

Hear the message Everyone – Romans 10:13-15


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