Cats love to chase light. Whether its a flashlight or laser pointer, most cats will chase a light across a floor until a) they get tired of the game; b) their owner gets tired of the game or; c) the batteries run out. According to the good folks at, this is because cats eyes are very sensitive to movement, and their instinct is to stalk, pounce, and eat. The light satisfies two of these requirements which will either give your cat hours of playful exercise or make them a very frustrated feline. The folks at PetMD suggest giving them a cat treat at the end of the game. Good plan, much better than having an angry cat attack your foot.

Following the darkness of this world only leads to frustration. 1 John 1:5-7 describes how following the light of Christ can fulfill our deepest and most important needs. This week, we will discover how walking in the light of Christ leads us to fellowship and forgiveness.

See you Sunday!

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